YIP day 204 – Diagnosis

Some cool Symptoms diagnosis images:

YIP day 204 – Diagnosis
Symptoms diagnosis

Image by Auntie P
I had a raging headache all through yesterday that just wouldn’t shift, and was very tired. By the end of the day I had a very sore throat and the start of a cough. I also felt hot.

This morning I definitely had a temperature, the cough and sore throat hadn’t gone, and nor had the headache. I also ached all over.

I went on the NHS swine flu site and went through the diagnosis process which confirmed that I was eligible for Tamiflu – the antiviral they are prescribing for swine flu.

I don’t feel as if I have the flu – just a normal virus (though that isn’t pleasant of course). I’ve had proper flu twice in the past and been practically unconscious for the first week of it. So I am not desperately ill – just unpleasantly ill.

Because of this, I will not be taking the antiviral medication. I have enough supplies of normal cold and flu remedies at home to keep me going. I would prefer my body to fight this naturally and build some good antibodies. Then, if this thing does mutate by the winter, I will hopefully be in a stronger position to fight it if it comes my way again (this only happens if it mutates).

The advice now is to stay at home and not infect anyone else, so that is what I am doing.

I was meant to meet a good friend for lunch today and I had to cancel. This is annoying because I haven’t seen her since December. I also phoned into work to say I couldn’t come in until my symptoms have gone, and have had to cancel a photo-shoot for Sunday which I had been looking forward to.

Not impressed.

89. colon cancer diagnosis
Symptoms diagnosis

Image by TipsTimes
Read more: cancer.tipstimes.com/colon-rectal-cancer/item/93-colon-ca…

Colon cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers for both men and women in the Untied States. It is important that you understand your risk for developing this disease, as well as lifestyle changes you can make now to reduce your chances of falling victim to colon cancer.

Cancer of the large intestine, or colon, typically begins as small clumps of cells called adenomatous polyps. Often, these small polyps form in your colon and produce few, if any, symptoms…

Day 181
Symptoms diagnosis

Image by SuperFantastic
Doing last day of tongue diagnosis in our Diagnosis I class today. We had the idea last week of taking pics to document what the teacher sees so that we can get a better idea.

Mine was red with little to no fur in front but slightly greasy fur in back indicating yin deficiency (see yesterday’s post) and damp heat in the lower jiao. Hm.

Then went into for another treatment at night and he said I just have spleen qi deficiency (which I always knew) but not yin def. since my tongue is moist and I don’t really have any of the other symptoms. Hm.

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