Using Garlic Oil to Control Blood Pressure

For some time I have hesitated writing to you until I was sure that garlic oil capsules actually control my blood pressure. And, Dr. Karpovich. Barbeau noted mild and short-lived improvements in three patients after taking lecithin. Moreover, we know that in order to absorb vitamin C adequately we must get enough calcium in our diets and to use calcium properly we must have enough vitamin D. I shall utilize it next year, too! When these 205 depressed, anxious and fear-ridden people, including a Henderson dentist, were put on a corrective diet, their physical and psychological problems began to clear up. Thinking it worth a try, we began feeding our dog six brewer’s yeast tablets per day and after the first couple of days—no ticks!

Hospital costs continue to zoom upward, so unless much more progress toward prevention is made, we will soon start looking at our supposedly advanced lifestyle as a millstone around our neck instead of a blessing. Apply it the way John Farquhar, M.D., director of the Stanford Heart Disease Prevention Program, suggests in his book, The American Way of Life Need Not Be Hazardous to Your Health (Norton, 1978). Best of all, lecithin seems to

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