Thyroid Scar – Day 3

Some cool Thyroid surgery images:

Thyroid Scar – Day 3
Thyroid surgery

Image by paul.kenjerski
I guess this is the worst part of the surgery. The staples kind of pull when I turn my head.

6 Kommentare zu “Thyroid Scar – Day 3

  1. sarahxoxbeth22 Autor des Beitrags

    i’m getting my thyroid removed in like two weeks. do you "go under"… i’d hate to be awake during that…. how does the scar look now?? is it bad??

  2. NikonD80 Better Vision thru Chemo Autor des Beitrags

    I can understand. My mobility was very limited with my arm after cancer surgery.

    then came the radiation.


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