Check out these Symptoms of depression images:

Symptoms of depression

Image by davemmett
For an article about schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is often misunderstood and misrepresented by people, so we wanted to do something that captured a number of different symptoms to avoid making people think that everyone with schizophrenia presents with the same symptoms.

Phosphorus deficiency in wheat
Symptoms of depression

Image by CIMMYT
Phosphorus-deficient wheat plants (right) showing growth depression and the beginning of typical symptoms of chlorosis followed by necrosis at the tips of the oldest leaves. Control plants on left.

For more information, see CIMMYT’s Wheat Doctor:….

Photo credit: CIMMYT.

Indication of edema – a symptom of malnutrition
Symptoms of depression

Image by Oxfam International
When the nurse removes her thumbs, it leaves a pair of depressions on the skin of the child’s feet. These depressions indicate a positive test for edema, a symptom of malnutrition.

Photo: Geno Teofilo/Oxfam

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Oxfam partner SAACID’s Community care program in Mogadishu
East Africa food crisis: Oxfam’s humanitarian work

7 Kommentare zu “Psychosis

  1. davemmett Autor des Beitrags

    Thanks for the comment gwynedd. I had the same concern when I was taking it. In my mind, it shows one person experiencing many symptoms, but I can certainly see how it could be interpreted as DID.

  2. Gwynedd Autor des Beitrags

    Dave, I had hoped that people were at least a tiny bit aware of the difference. I found your image by doing a flickr search on the word schizophrenia. The vast majority of images that came up were about
    "split personality". That fueled my concern with this image. Try the search – you’ll see what I mean.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. davemmett Autor des Beitrags

    [] cool, thanks for letting me know you used the image :)

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