heart attack anatomy

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heart attack anatomy
Heart attack

Image by gandhiji40
heart attack– how the blood clot blocks the coronary arteries and cardiac muscle dies– ischemia…

Heart Attack
Heart attack

Image by capn madd matt
-12.5 million of an estimated 32 million heart attacks worldwide are fatal
-40-75% of all victims die before reaching hospital
-50% wait for 2 hours or more before getting help
-52 people in USA die due to heart attack every minute making it 1,259 per day, 8,843 per week and 459,840 per year
-Heart diseases kill more women than men in America every year. Women beat men by approx. 50,000
-38 percent of women die within a year after having a heart attack, as compared to 25 percent of men.
-One in five females has some form of heart or blood vessel disease.
-The risk of second heart attack within six years of the first heart attack is estimated to be 35% in women and 18% in men
-South Asians men are more prone to heart attacks at a much younger age in comparison to people belonging to other ethnic groups
-It is estimated that worldwide 15.6 million people have rheumatic heart disease and that there are 470,000 new cases of rheumatic fever and 233,000 deaths attributable to rheumatic fever or rheumatic heart disease each year – mostly in developing countries
-High blood pressure is called the "silent killer." High blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart attack, heart failure or kidney failure
-You can lessen the risk of heart attacks by certain lifestyle modifications – e.g. smoking, obesity, alcohol intake, physical inactivity and stress.
-You can add up to 5 years to your life expectancy by quitting smoking – the earlier the age at which you quit the better
-Eating fish once a week can reduce your chances of a heart attack by 52%
-Hostile personalities are at higher risk of developing heart attack

Heart Attack
Heart attack

Image by Luis Carlos Araujo
Ive never had a heart attack, So i cant interpret how it feels, only imagine it.

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    My friend had a heart attack, and he had to see an Oklahoma heart surgery specialist. They are saying he may need a bypass. :( Thanks for sharing this diagram. I’m trying to collect links to images that may make him reconsider his terrible eating behaviors, so he can be healthy.

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