Experimental Depression Treatment

Some cool Symptoms of depression images:

Experimental Depression Treatment
Symptoms of depression

Image by monojussi
An article from today’s Helsingin Sanomat (the main newspaper in Finland):

LED lights in the ears may stop depression

Depression may be stopped in the future with strong LED light in people’s ears, reports the newspaper Kaleva.

The Oulu-based company Valkee has developed a device, which provides light through the ear channels directly to the areas of brain that respond to light.

"In just four weeks practially all winter depression sufferers with severe depression and anxiety symptoms were fully cured", the CEO of the company says.

Light can be shined to the brain from the ear channel where the bones are very thin.

Professor Timo Takala characterises the method "at least revolutionary".

"All symptoms disappeared in a short perod of time", Takala confirms the results from the test group.

"Light has direct biological effect and we now have clear proof of this."

The device has been patented in 2006. It should be available online and through pharmacies in early February.

I could not make the lamp stay in my ear, so I stuck it in my mouth. I am not sure if I feel better, but I will give reports on my progress.

Explore #412 on Thursday, January 14, 2010. Thank you all.

Depression: the symptoms are not due to the direct physiological effects of a substance (e.g a drug of abuse, a medication)
Symptoms of depression

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Symptoms of depression
Symptoms of depression

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53 Kommentare zu “Experimental Depression Treatment

  1. Statevillain Autor des Beitrags

    Dude, I thought it was an Alien comng out of you a la ‘War of the Worlds’. Let the light shine on ……..67 days to Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. antoine takes pictures Autor des Beitrags

    What a strange idea ! Fortunately I am not suffering from a depression. Would hate LEDs in my ears ! (although could be fun for a photo session !)

  3. `miRЯim ☮ Autor des Beitrags

    Sounds like it might work, I started my ‘St Johns Wort’ regime today… :|
    If you need it, did you try that?

  4. The original SimonB Autor des Beitrags

    I wonder if the light was strong enough they could tell if I actually had a brain!

    Nice shot.

  5. emmaporium Autor des Beitrags

    Hmmm….I think holding a lightbulb in my mouth/ears for any length of time would make me feel MORE depressed….please do keep us posted though, if you can multi-task with a lightbulb in your mouth, that is….!

  6. monojussi Autor des Beitrags

    Bonk Business, Inc. is a fictitious company created by a Finnish conceptual artist Alvar Gullichsen. The name bonk has stuck in Finland to mean just about anything bogus. Nothing to do with bonking…

    Here is a bit of background: cybyrd.com/bonk/heaven.html

  7. emmaporium Autor des Beitrags

    I did wonder (for a split second) if it was an attempt to combine anti-depression treatment with an aphrodisiac…

  8. ed_needs_a_bicycle Autor des Beitrags

    Emmaporium, did you know cyclists also often suffer from bonk? I wasn’t aware you could get medicine for it.

  9. iofdi Autor des Beitrags

    I’m sure that if I saw someone with LED’s coming out of there ears, that it would make me less depressed immediately!

    Thank you again for keeping us up on the current events.

  10. jazzebbess Autor des Beitrags

    If the light shines out through the other ear, is this a reason to get even more depressed?

  11. monojussi Autor des Beitrags

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  12. emmaporium Autor des Beitrags

    "stabbing slower than expected visual processnig academics" ?

    This is a coded email, and clearly academics are in danger!

  13. jazzebbess Autor des Beitrags

    Having read that I am now really depressed…..you should have just stuck the bulb in your ear!!!

  14. DigitalLyte Autor des Beitrags

    mental visions of being a human christmas tree with lights in various orifices … brought on depression … especially the bit about the light shining out the other ear …

  15. catherineforbes Autor des Beitrags

    Hmm, A small boy ingested a battery in my French class about 5 years ago "as an experiment". I bundled him off to the medical room. He was never quite the same. He was known henceforth as "battery boy".

  16. jazzebbess Autor des Beitrags

    Don`t forget to take a couple of spoonfuls of milk of magnesium to light up the flubber lamps.

    @Catherine…that reminds me of Torchy the Battery Boy!

  17. monojussi Autor des Beitrags

    A follow-up of sorts on this one:

    1) I did get to try the actual device a while ago. You stuff pretty much standard earbuds with bright LEDs in your ears, turn on the lights and let them shine for 8 minutes. There is a rather pleasant feeling in the ears, no discomfort. However, I did not use them for long enough to say anything about their actual effect. Plus their supposed treating effect is primarily for seasonal depression and I have the year-around kind.

    2) The company (Valkee) just raised an investment round. It was a relatively small one (400 k€) but had some big names in it, including Esther Dyson, Anssi Vanjoki, and Jyri Engeström. And of course, the puvlic debate has now condemned the device as a hoax. Oh, ye of little faith…

  18. emmaporium Autor des Beitrags

    I think as of most treatments, conventional and otherwise, it will work for some people, and not for others. Give you and me the same drug, for instance, and it follows that it will (probably) have a different effect on each of us.
    I think if it helps some people (it will never help everyone) it is probably worth following up…

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