Diabetes365 Day 60 December 6 – Supply shelf

Some cool Diabetes type 2 images:

Diabetes365 Day 60 December 6 – Supply shelf
Diabetes type 2

Image by Bernard Farrell
The stash of supplies that I have for diabetes. It’s not very well organized. And I do have a separate place for my museum of diabetes artifacts.

I guess this is yet another way our lives are impacted by diabetes. It steals time away from me, and closet space. And we’re not in a big house, so closet space is in short supply.

There is no cure for Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.


Ein Kommentar zu “Diabetes365 Day 60 December 6 – Supply shelf

  1. saraknic Autor des Beitrags

    Bernard – I might want it. Is it for the quickset?

    And do you know if it is the old version or the new one? If you look at the inside, are there teo white tabs next to the center column or two empty spaces (near where the blue pieces from the top come through)?

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