Diabetes Library Display

Some cool Diabetes images:

Diabetes Library Display

Image by Kraemer Family Library
The Diabetes Library Display is available for May 2009 and features books and information on diabetes as well as books on nutrition.

Diabetes 365 day 1 Oct. 8th 2007

Image by Bernard Farrell
First picture of my diabetes 365 project. Thanks Beth for this idea.

Here are my blood sugar readings from my Dexcom 7 continuous glucose monitor. I don’t normally have a day with reading this good. Readings were a little high around midnight and this evening. But overall I can’t complain.

The long gap around 5 AM is because my Dexcom 7-day sensor ran out. I restarted it and I’m now on day 8 with the same sensor.

Diabetes-Management System GlucoTel

Image by bodytel
GlucoTel ist ein telemedizinisches Blutzucker-Monitoring- und Diabetes-Management-System. Es dient der automatischen, lückenlosen Dokumentation aller Blutzuckerwerte und der einfachen Eingabe zusätzlicher Informationen (Mahlzeiten, Insulingaben, körperliche Aktivitäten, etc.). Anwender sind Diabetes-Betroffene und Menschen, die vom metabolischen Syndrom betroffen sind.

2 Kommentare zu “Diabetes Library Display

  1. insearchofbalance Autor des Beitrags

    NICE. I’m getting the minimed version of CGMS in Dec. or Jan. (waiting on my pump warranty to run out Dec.12th so I can upgrade everything), and I’m really looking forward to it.

    Great day, Bernard. Hope you have more just like it. :)

    And to answer your camera question: I have a point-and-shoot digital that I LOVE (all my pics are taken with it, here and for my business, and it does gorgeous, easy close ups). I’ve had 2 in succession as I lost one after about 3 years of use, and I’ve done everything from drop them off balconies to in water and they still shot! Once Daniel drove off with it on top of the car and it sort of skidded over the highway a bit… still here, though! Mine’s been outdated but it’s basically the same as the Nikon Coolpix L12 7.1 megapixel. I can’t recommend it enough for ease of use and handiness. The macro setting is seamless. (Sorry for the long comment!)

  2. mcbill Autor des Beitrags


    Does your insurance cover the Dexcom? Do you still check using finger pricks? Do you wear the dexcom all the time or just when you want to regulate basal/bolus ratios?

    I’ve been very interested in this device. I am switching medical teams and also am due for a new pump and so I might see if I can get some sort of continous glucose monitoring solution as well.


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