BR Mk.IIf TSO No.72 639

Some cool TSH test images:

BR Mk.IIf TSO No.72 639
TSH test

Image by hugh llewelyn
BR Mk.IIf No.72 639 (ex-6070), built as a TSO by BREL (Derby) in 1974, Diagram 109, Lot 30860 and converted to a Class 488/3 Gatwick Express TSH in 1983 and now used as a Test Train Brake Force Runner by Network Rail and in their yellow livery; at Derby, 05/08.

Through analysis Project 365(5) 07/06/2013
TSH test

Image by Keith Williamson
Called in at the doctor this morning to collect the results of my blood and urine analysis which, as you can see, amounted to four sheets of A4. Three areas of minor concern: cholesterol, triglyceride and TSH.

The doctor explained that the levels were only slightly high and that tablets would not be necessary. He did give me a diet sheet though and told me to return in 3 months for a further test.

Interestingly, Pamela had similar results. Her cholesterol was slightly higher than mine as was her TSH but her triglyceride level was lower. Pamela had in fact two tests. In the first one her triglyceride level was very high at over 300. Quite how it then dropped to 119 in the space of a few weeks remains a mystery.

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