40/365: Waiting.

A few nice Enlarged thyroid images I found:

40/365: Waiting.
Enlarged thyroid

Image by bold.as.love
This is my slightly worried face. Today I had an appointment at the endocrinologist to make sure everything is still in working order. I see her every 4-6 months. As I expected, my blood tests from last week showed that my TSH levels are getting higher, which slows everything down and increases my hypothyroid symptoms. The doctor upped my Levoxyl a little bit, I should be feeling good in a few weeks. In other news, the enlarged lymph nodes in the thyroid bed appear to be benign. No need to worry.

All in all, a good visit.

I even got a little bit of wisdom and guidance from the phlebotomist. It was a nice boost in confidence that I CAN do go into health care, and that it’s okay that I am just starting to figure it all out. I needed that.

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